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“An Extraordinary Dog to Help Me Be Ordinary”

2013 Seeing Eye graduates, Mollie and Jeffery, share their stories about partnering with their Seeing Eye dogs. During the filming, Mollie was training with … A US Airways passenger was thrown off a flight because his seeing eye dog flinched. The rest of the passengers ere so offended they all left the plane and th… Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Vernon Hills vet to tell how service dogs help PTSD

Vernon Hills vet to tell how service dogs help PTSD But thanks to Gander, Hodge's highly-trained and loving service dog, Hodge said he narrowly avoided being a casualty. Now, Hodge and Gander are working to make service dogs more available to veterans and accepted by the general public. The duo … Read more on Lake County News Sun A tale of a dog and…

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Service Dogs Help Veterans Heal (VIDEO)

Service Animal Relief Area Image by Jeffrey Beall I am not sure how a person with visual disabilities is supposed to clean up after the dog. Service Dogs Help Veterans Heal (VIDEO) Iggie the service dog helps calm Iraqi war veteran James McQuoid in public places. He also wakes McQuoid from nightmares and keeps his overall anxiety level down. “Without Iggie, I would…

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